Greater Manchester Hazards Centre (GMHC)

provides health and safety advice across the North West.

GMHC is a not for profit organisation  which campaigns, lobbies and advises workers on occupational health, safety and welfare issues.  GMHC produces fact sheets and information packs; sets up and supports health and safety campaigns; raises awareness; co-ordinates a network of health and safety representatives in the North West; and has developed a health and safety App to support workers and trade unionists

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Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Today sees the launch of the Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor 2020 detailing key statistics about poverty across the city region. The Monitor draws on data from a range of sources to cover the following seven areas: Child poverty, educational attainment, fuel poverty, food poverty and the poverty premium, health, housing, social security, and the labour market.

Data is shown at a Greater Manchester and local authority level, and at a more local level where possible. This means you can look at fuel poverty, food insecurity and child poverty rates in your community.

The aim of the Poverty Monitor is to support both policy and practice-based responses to poverty across the region. Key Greater Manchester wide findings:

620,000 people are living in poverty
200,000 children live in households with an income below the poverty line
157,000 households are experiencing fuel poverty
20% of all jobs in Greater Manchester are paid less than the Real Living Wage.

We would really appreciate your support in promoting the Monitor on social media and through your networks. There are some suggested tweets for you to use below. We would be grateful if you could also share tweets from the @GMPovertyAction and @GrahamWhitham accounts.

If you are promoting the Monitor on Twitter, please could you use the following hashtags and tiny URL:



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Sent by Chris Bagley on behalf of Graham Whitham

Graham Whitham

Director - Greater Manchester Poverty Action

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre updated their status.

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

The leaders of Greater Manchester try to stop the Government imposing tier 3 without proper financial support for individuals and businesses. We have already heard that Liverpool were the first to be forced in to Tier 3 and then Lancashire was 'bullied' into it. But there is no consistency of the rules in each tier.

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Noone should face assaults at work, the employer needs to review the risk assessment and the controls needed to keep these workers safe.

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It feels like all the data is being spun to suit a narrative of individual responsibility. When we should be looking at each setting as the workplace they are and identifying what controls are in place of the risks and only opening places where controls are in place and working

The closure of schools facilitated the closure of workplaces. And schools are workplaces. Where is the transparency in the number of workplace infections? And the investigation into how people were infected in each setting? Not just their contacts but how they became infected?

“There is no safe distance in a poorly ventilated room’. Why good ventilation is key to stopping the spread of Covid-19

Join us as we launch our new podcast on young workers mental health

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TUC North West
Ahead of World Mental Health Day, join us as we discuss what trade unions can do and are doing to support workers mental health 🧠

🗓Friday 9th October
🕰 10am

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